It All Starts With Your Story

If you are anything like me you sometimes find yourself stuck in a dark, cold place wondering “how did I get here?”.  It’s not immediately apparent that where we are going is leading to a dead end or worse significant danger and peril.  I liken it to being in a miners shaft where we have a path to follow, we may have signs that tell us where to go and what is next, however these signs were for someone else (miners) and have specific meaning to miners and anything of value is gone when we get to the end.  The only reason I continue down paths like these is because I have a story that I continue to tell myself and that story goes something like this.pexels-photo-397096

It’s fine, you know what you are doing, you know where you are going, don’t worry about the signs or the darkness or the danger.  You know what’s best for yourself and you can do this on your own. What could go wrong?

There are so many dangerous things in this story I don’t even know where to start. Two things stand out immediately. This story I tell myself creates isolation and it perpetuates itself.  I continue to listen to the endless loop of lies, misdirection, ego self preservation etc…  The longer I hear it the more I believe it and the deeper I get. Anyone else do this?

God made us to live in community.  I have found that to be a Mighty Warrior of God we need to change the story from our flimsy truths to His absolute truth.  He calls us to His plans not ours; a plan to prosper us not harm us. In partnership we have the opportunity to be lead to amazing and significant things on this earth.  I need to change my story.  I also need to maintain the path and maintain the truth or it becomes watered down and disappears back to my story. Other Mighty Warriors of God need to step up and guide, correct and sometimes crack us over the head!  In love of course.

Do you need to change you story and step into God’s plan for you to Be Mighty?  Do you need other men to stand in the gap for you and keep you looking true north to Stay Mighty?  I do, I know that much.  Until next time, brothers…

Be Mighty, Stay Mighty!


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