Why Being “Called” is a Daily Event

Most of us equate our “calling” to our career or our purpose in life.  While that may be appropriate to qualify a calling in that fashion, I would contend that we are actually called to be who God has designed us on a daily basis. While it sure would be nice to think that God would speak to me once, I would hear His voice and just fall in line with perfect obedience.  It would be so perfect if I could hear his “calling” for my life and it would be to do _________ (fill in the blank) or to serve ___________ and then I’m done…just have to stay with it and stay on the path…just have to do one thing.


Here’s where I miss it sometimes.  God doesn’t call me once, He calls me everyday.  He calls me all the time. He called me to be a parent of 15 children last year, last week and today.  He calls me everyday and I have to answer through faith, partnership and obedience.  While not always easy, He reminds me with the simple words of “I promised you”.  He did promise and I believe Him.  Being called by our Creator is not a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.  If it is for you…maybe you aren’t listening. Our God is the same every time He calls.  Our situations may be different but the call remains the same.  He is looking for our heart and looking for our obedience so that in that obedience He is glorified.

 “If you are called to be a parent, you are a parent when you are changing diapers and you are a parent when you are teaching your teenager to drive. The circumstances are different, but the calling is the same…In every stage, your calling requires the same passion, and guarantees the same power. Whatever you are called to, when circumstances change either for the better or for the worse, the same God will be with you.”

                                   Steven Furtick



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