Why Isolation is Our Biggest Obstacle

imageOne of the biggest lies that permeates our society is that we can do things on our own.  That we somehow have this extraordinary capacity to tackle life by ourselves, for ourselves without any assistance whatsoever. No wonder men have a hard time asking for help, we already believe “we got this”.  Isolation is the key to destruction…predators don’t chase all of the prey, they separate one from the pack and devour it.  Satan is no different.  His main ploy to destroy families, relationships, careers and ultimately our salvation is to isolate men and speak a script of hate, jealousy, greed and pride.  Men, don’t believe it.  No matter how far down we are in the pit, there is always a way out by submitting ourselves to the answer to isolation…teamwork.  Surround yourselves with the Word of God that speaks life into our bones and reach out to other men for warrior accountability and wisdom.

As Mighty Warriors of God we are to hold our marriage relationship at its highest standard as this relationship and that of the family is the biggest threat to the empty promises Satan tells us about isolation.  Love hard, speak truth, live in community and fight the script of emptiness.



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