Becoming Men of Moments

If we think about it, our lives are simply a string of moments strung together through time.  Some of those moments are happy, joyful and positive while others not so much.  As men, we have a responsibility to be active creators of moments in our lives and also the lives around us.

All too often life gets in the way and things happen to us and we become a stagnant bystander of the relationships and connections happening around us.  We can become passive spectators in the most wonderful and challenging “game” we will ever  encounter.  soldier-military-uniform-american.jpg

This is exactly what drove Gideon to his wine press and what drives most of us into physical and emotional hiding.  Life happening to us instead of us being active participants, change makers and ultimately Men of Moments.  Being a Man of Moments is about showing up, being present and engaging in relationships that produce fruit and significance.  I ‘m not talking about being “on” our game 24/7 (not possible) and becoming perfect in our relationships…I’m talking about being real, being authentic and speaking into the lives of those around us.  Creating moments of encouragement, love, confidence, courage or compassion.

By becoming an active participant in our own lives our purpose will become clearer, our influence will become stronger and the moments we create with others may just be the small ripple of a future tidal wave of confidence, growth and love that can change someone’s life forever! Let’s not just allow moments to happen to us but let’s be the creators and architects of unforgettable moments…moments that people carry with them their entire lives.  Let’s be Men of Moments and Mighty Warriors of God!


Be Mighty, Stay Mighty!


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