“Let’s Make Something Perfectly Clear…”

Have you ever heard someone start a sentence with this phrase?  If you have then you know that what comes next could be a real zinger! Men, God speaks to us this way and His purpose is simple and straightforward…He wants clarity in our understanding of what He says next.  He wants our undivided attention and he leaves no room for interpretation; so then why do we make things so difficult?  He is a God of peace, order and the Master of Clarity!  He tells us that He has plans for good, not plans that will harm us.  He calls us Mighty Warriors of God.  He clearly delivered to us 10 simple, understandable commandments.  He always does what he says he will do yet somehow we find a way to mix up the message and rewrite the script.

If you are struggling with purpose and calling in your life, maybe it is less about God’s message to you and more about how you have filtered it to suit your life and your comfort and your worldly desires.  Sounds harsh doesn’t it?  Well, it is harshconfused-muddled-illogical-disoriented.jpg

As Men we have a tendency to do things the way we think they should or could be done.  Listening to God’s plans for our lives is no different.  Our filters have become protection mechanisms because quite frankly its a little scary going out in faith and following God’s direction in complete obedience.

There’s something even scarier: Being immensely blessed through obedience.

Yep, men don’t know what to do with that.  We know how to live in drudgery, confusion, chaos and even sometimes comfort.  Those are places we dwell in and get quite good at navigating.

I don’t think men are protecting themselves from failing as much as they are protecting themselves from succeeding, abundantly through obedience.

We think “If I am obedient with this, God might ask more of me and I don’t know if I can handle that and it would require so much more of my time and effort and strength…” Blah, Blah, Blah…NO KIDDING?!

He has greatness in store for us….why are we getting in the way. 

He has treasure and blessings for us…why are we ignoring this. 

He has good planned for us…why are we changing the story?

There is a phrase I use a great deal with my children.  When they make a mistake or when they realize they were wrong and missed out on something really great, I tell them this:

“Don’t be sorry, be obedient”

What that means is I would rather they not be sorry (have regret), I would rather they obey and enjoy the blessings that would be rightfully theirs.  The key is right their in front of them…be obedient.

Warriors, He is speaking clearly to us about who we are and what he wants for us.  Are you hearing Him?  Do you need to remove a filter or two?  Do you need encouragement and accountability…then stay connected to Mighty Warriors of God.  Know He has plans for us and will be with us throughout our journey.


Be Mighty Stay Mighty!


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