You Gotta Get More Reps

I had a discussion the other day with one of my daughters about her softball season.  She is a varsity softball athlete and is a very good player with a great drive to be better.  This conversation, however was more somber and somewhat deflating for her and for me.  She said she has been struggling at the plate and having a hard time making contact with the ball.  She was genuinely frustrated and was sharing how the coach wanted her to change her grip, move closer to the plate, open her hips etc…All in all, probably very good advice.  As we talked, it dawned on me that what she really needed to do was GET MORE REPS.  With the weather being so sketchy many of their practices were relegated to the gym for indoor work where maybe you could get 10 swings per person in the cage.

She hadn’t seen enough pitches or had enough swings to justify making changes in her stance and grip…she needed more reps! 

She needed to train her brain and her eyes and her arms to move in an appropriate way to make contact with a softball.  She has the skill, she has the talent and desire, she just needed to do it more often.  The only way to do this was to increase the amount of time doing the correct repetition to get the desired result. Solution, she headed to the batting cage and put in the work.

How often do we find ourselves trying to change our “grip” or our “stance” in hopes that magically things will get better for us?  How often do we try new techniques or strategies with our parenting or our marriage in hopes that it will get better because we made a few tweaks? Most of the time we just need to go to the batting cage!

Here’s the problem...we haven’t earned the right to make any tweaks because we haven’t put in the reps.  We haven’t spent day after day after week trying to build connection with our children or our spouses.  We haven’t honed our skill at work and practiced our sales techniques or customer service abilities or medical skills.  Take a look at any great athlete…skill sets and talent being the same, my money goes on the athlete that got more reps.  Anything worthwhile takes repetition and training and flat out work.

Men, get more reps with your children, get more reps with your spouse, get more reps with your business, profession or ministry.  GET MORE REPS! Doing it more and doing it correctly while bear much fruit!

Be Mighty Stay Mighty!


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