The Fight is Fixed…The Battle is Won

Have you ever been so close to a situation or so engaged in a conflict that you were unaware that the outcome has already been determined?  It’s like watching a recorded sporting event and rooting for your team and then realizing…duh, they already won!  Isn’t that how it is sometimes as we battle this world as Christian men?  Sometimes we just like to fight.  Sometimes we just need an enemy to push back upon and get our hands dirty and bloody. Or do we?IMG_0666

Here’s the thing…The Fight is Already Won!  Christ won, satan lost…end of story.  But is it the end of the story?  Who or what are we really battling against?  The problem is that we so easily forget the simple fact that the fight was fixed and the outcome is already determined.  We get comfortable and lazy and begin taking our steely stare off of Christ and start looking around to worldly enticements and distractions. Satan wants to make it difficult for us to continue staying focused on the truth that he lost by engaging us in useless noise of arguments, self indulgences and tactical lies that get us to wonder just long enough if there may be any shred of truth in his whispers.

Our battle isn’t with him…it’s with ourselves and our human nature and flaws.  Satan is just a tool, the daily battle is against our desires and his false promises.

Yes, we are to fight satan and his worldly schemes of smoke and mirrors, but see them as they are…futile attempts to change the reporting of the outcome as anything put an eternal LOSS for him and anyone that follows him.  Yes Men, keep fighting…keep fighting for your spouses, your children, and everyone else to understand and follow the One who died for them and who stands as the victor.  Fight for them to be strong and clear headed and spirit-filled to stay on the path Christ has paved for all of us.  Lights out, Game over…

Be Mighty, Stay Mighty


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