Spiritual Warfare is a TEAM Sport

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Part of being a Mighty Warrior of God is to remember not only Who we fight for but Who fights along side us. To battle and to battle well we must understand the rules of engagement. Satan has no rules…he is chaos personified with no honor, no rules and only one goal; to kill! He cheats, lies, destroys and will stop at nothing to come after those that live to glorify God.

Warriors of God fight with purpose and planning and strategy. God’s word tells us how to defeat the deceiver and to vanquish all those that follow him. We fight for the Lord and He fights for us, alongside us, in place of us when we are weary. Spiritual Warfare never stops, God never sleeps as the battle wages on and on. How do we engage in battle to fight the darkness and access the strategy for engagement? GOD’S WORD is the answer. Reading His Word, knowing the Word and hiding His Word in our hearts and abiding in His Word is the sword in our hands and the weapon of death against satan’s forces.

Sometimes in the heat of a skirmish warriors can become complacent and even prideful in their own strength and skill. Be alert to this as it is one of the enemy’s greatest lies…that we are enough on our own to live or battle or to do anything in this world. We are not enough nor were we ever enough on our own but with God, in our weakness we are strong. With Him were are more than conquerors! With him and other Warriors we are a team of unstoppable measure and of incredible victory. Be assured he is with us in battle, we are not alone and that spiritual warfare is always a Team sport.

Be Mighty, Stay Mighty!


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