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Hey There, this is Rick Ingle; Founder of the Mighty Warriors of God Blog and Podcast…and this is my Mighty Family!

Dad to 15, adoptive parent, special needs advocate and warrior for the weak. Author and speaker providing perspective based on years of experience. Still don’t have all the answers, but excited to take the journey with you and maybe we can learn a little bit from each other.

Mighty Warriors of God is about Encouraging and Empowering men to lead bold, epic lives of significance. We are Warriors. Don’t see yourself as a warrior? God sees you as that and more! We are challenged to lead impactful lives at home, at work and in our community. Discovering who you are is hard, living it out even harder. What does God say about us and what plans does He have for us?

Come back often as we talk with some of God’s Mighty Warriors and how they have overcome their own flawed, often self defeating stories to step into the story God has for their lives.

Be Mighty, Stay Mighty!